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Klark Teknik DN540 Overview

The DN540 Quad Compressor from Klark Teknik is a 4-channel analog compressor designed for live-sound reinforcement primarily on tour, in theaters, and at corporate events. The 4 linkable channels of compression provide full control of all essential audio-compression parameters. This compressor is housed in a compact 1 RU rackmount frame.

The main compressor controls consist of continuously adjustable threshold, ratio, make-up gain, and a bypass switch and hard-knee switch. The auto-compressor mode provides a root-mean-square (RMS) type of compression. This mode is easy to use because the envelope time constants (attack and release) are automatically adjusted, taking into account threshold and ratio settings relative to signal levels and transients. The presence control eliminates pumping effects and allows vocalists to add air to the sound without introducing noise. The DN540 can be used for creative compression effects using a semi-linear attack shape.

Presence control improves the high-frequency sound quality without increasing noise or squealing
Attenuation-depth and input-level meters are provided, plus a switch that changes the output-level meter to monitor the input signals
External sidechain input on the rear panel is switchable via the front panel
Dynamic EQ adds air to vocals without introducing noise or pumping effects
Flexible channel linking allows multiple combinations of sidechain summing to preserve stereo images
Manual envelope control with linear peak-sensing compression or Auto mode with RMS compression
Soft- or hard-knee compressor response
6-segment gain reduction and signal-metering LED bar graphs per channel
External sidechain input on balanced 1/4" TRS connector for each channel
Electronically balanced inputs and outputs on Neutrik XLR connectors
Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
Envelope generator with manual controls that can be easily switched in or out to produce transparency or creative dynamic effects
Transparent compression
Multiple compression styles that are matched to the programmed material and/or generated dynamic effects
Intuitive turn-it-up, turn-it-down control-knob labeling avoids confusion during fast adjustment
Good control-status visibility enables you to see the status of all pushbuttons, which are boldly presented to avoid mistakes
Comprehensive metering, making setup simple and intuitive
Stereo and multiple-channel linking
Rugged 1 RU rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications

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